A Mental Wealth Journal

A Mental Wealth Journal
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Product Description

Aimed at independent use by children at KS2/3, this Mental Wealth Journal assumes a year of transitions, a period of changes in school, changes in the body and increasing freedoms that require youngsters to make reflective and appropriate choices.

This Journal acts as a coach and a mentor by providing a range of phrases, actions and solutions to commonly experienced situations and invites the growing child to try on different strategies for ‘fit’. Advice is given about seeing bullying, being bullied, supporting friends through difficult days and experiencing personal loss. The Journal is strong in inviting pre-adolescents to consider peer pressure, money and fashion, self-image and how to model the behaviours of confidence whilst recognising that this is a child that still needs to create and play. The book encourages fun; the cover is blank for personalisation. This Journal builds mental wealth.

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