Stile Year 5 Programme - Multipack

Stile Year 5 Programme - Multipack
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Product Description

Multipack Deal - Includes 54 Books!

Covering key requirements for Literacy, this programme offers a complete solution for Year5/P6. Written by established authors, the set of 9 books provides 96 essential practice and reinforcement activities. The programme comprises 3 x Word Structure & Spelling books, 3 x Sentence Structure & Punctuation books and 3 x Understanding & Interpreting Texts books.

The Stile Tray is the key to the self-checking activities of the Key Stage 2 programme. Pupils answer the questions by simply placing each of the twelve numbered tiles on the appropriate square on the base of the tray. When all the tiles have been placed, they close the tray, turn it over, and reopen it to reveal a geometric pattern. If the answers are all correct, the pattern will match the one printed at the top of the exercise. There are many different accompanying workbooks for use with the Stile Tray, covering Literacy, Maths and Dyslexia.


• 54 x 16-page books (246 x 168mm) (6 sets)

• 6 x Stile Trays

• Storage Box

• Teacher’s notes.

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