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Numicon Year 1 and 2 Class Apparatus Pack A

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Code: AFMT13353
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Numicon® builds a deep understanding of maths through a multisensory approach, developing children’s fluency, reasoning and problem solving. The apparatus in this pack can be used for Number, Pattern and Calculating, and Geometry, Measurement and Statistics activities. Includes:

10 Numicon® Ten Shapes, Dice, Box of 80 Numicon® Shapes, 80 Coloured Pegs, 100 Square Baseboard, Feely Bag, Post Box, Display Number Line, 10s Number Line, Card 1-100 Number Track, 0-100 Numeral Cards, 0-100cm scale Number Line, Magnetic Strip, Number Rods - Large Set, Number Rod Trays 1-10 & 20, 1-100cm Number Rod Track, 0-31 Number Line (pack of 3).

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