Red A4 Rhino Exercise Book 48-Page, 8mm Ruled With Margin - Pack of 10 Pack of ten

Red A4 Rhino Exercise Book 48-Page, 8mm Ruled With Margin - Pack of 10 Pack of ten
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Product Description

Rhino Tinted Paper Range

• Visual stress relates to the way in which the brain interprets the visual information that is sent through the eyes, not eyesight itself.

• Students affected by visual stress might suffer from symptoms such as difficulty tracking across a page, words appearing to be blurred, and letters seeming to move around or shake. This will significantly affect their reading ability and cause reading fatigue and headaches. It may also result in their written work being poorly spaced and messy.

• Many students without a specific learning difficulty will be affected by visual stress, but it is also common in those with dyslexia, autism, dyspraxia and ADHD.

• The use of cream or pastel-coloured writing paper can alleviate visual stress as it has less glare (which can cause words to appear to ‘jump around’ on the page) than white paper, making it more comfortable to read from and write on.

• Paper to relieve visual stress

• A4

• 48 page

• 8mm rule with margin

• 80gsm Tinted (Cream Vellum) Paper

• 225gsm red cover

• Also available in a light blue or yellow cover

• Pack of 10

• Also available in 12mm rule with margin or 10mm squares

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