10-Minute Sentence Adventure

10-Minute Sentence Adventure
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Product Description

Did you know that 1 in 6 children in Year 2 struggle with literacy? Take them on an adventure to unlock their writing potential!

10-Minute Sentence Adventure is a readymade intervention programme for KS1 and lower KS2 children who are ‘stuck at level’ or have stopped making progress in literacy. It’s especially valuable for lower-ability children or those with dyslexia or learning English as an Additional Language.

The intervention aims to help children understand the components and structure of a sentence, organise their ideas and work, and self-check their writing.

It is tactile and easy to use, suiting kinaesthetic and visual learners. There are 8 practical learning levels which take a hands-on approach to helping children understand basic phrases, capital letters, punctuation, conjunctions, adjectives, adverbs and sentence openers.

At each sentence component level, children are encouraged to form a phrase or sentence using the colour-coded magnetic word tiles and play around with it until their best one is constructed. Each level is reinforced with 5 written tasks to ensure children are fully secure in their understanding of each area before moving on. Discreet photocopiable checklists are provided so that children can continue to implement what they’ve learned and check and improve their own writing in every lesson.

This tried-and-tested programme is designed to be used with small groups of children or on a one-to-one basis for 8 weeks. Most children improve to meet or exceed progress expectations in this time. The intervention can be led by teaching assistants, who can then provide class teachers with evidence of pupils’ progress by completing the progress trackers included.

Contains: Approx. 150 magnetic word tiles, including blank tiles for adding your own words, 80-page Teacher’s Notes (with photocopiable worksheets, checklists, certificates and progress trackers) and plastic box.

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