Thinking Stories to Wake Up Your Mind

Thinking Stories to Wake Up Your Mind
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In this vibrant collection none of the 27 stories have a neat conclusion, providing you with a golden opportunity to develop important skills in thinking with your children. This approach means your pupils will need to be active in engaging with such dilemmas as:

• What is the world’s best question?

• How can you defeat the most dangerous beast in the world?

• What would you ask the wish camel for?

Through these questions your children will be able to develop their skills of information processing, reasoning, enquiry, creativity, evaluation and metacognition - thinking about thinking. Each story is accompanied by teacher’s notes that outline the skills being developed, a series of searching questions to develop those skills further and ways to apply the National Curriculum’s thinking skills in all subject areas. Not only will you and your children enjoy these wonderful stories, you will also be challenged to think and learn in new and exciting ways.

Contains 128 A4 pages.

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