Surprising Stories To Stimulate Creativity

Surprising Stories To Stimulate Creativity
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Product Description

In this new volume of 28 stories, bestselling Mike Fleetham, along with his wife Lucy, invites you to explore such questions as:

How would you use Foible Carrion’s curious cabinet?

What is the smallest story on Earth?

Why are wish devils so dangerous?

What happens if a maige bird dies?

In our rapidly changing world, children’s future personal and professional success depends more than ever on creative thinking and problem-solving. We never know what’s round the corner. When interesting and unexpected things come our way, we need the tools, techniques and personal qualities to respond. Surprising Stories to Stimulate Creativity will draw children into worlds that will stimulate their imaginations and generate original ideas.

The stories in this book are linked to lively classroom activities that will arouse creative thinking and excite the learning process.

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