Learning Skills KS4

Learning Skills KS4
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Over 95 structured, practical and enjoyable classroom activities, supported by photocopiable resources.

Many students at KS4 do not realise their full potential at school because they are not equipped with the learning skills essential for higher-order thinking. In other words, they don’t fully understand what is required of them. This book sets out to guide students through a progression of motivational and enjoyable activities that will help to develop the important learning skills of awareness, familiarity, understanding, insight, analysis, interpretation and evaluation.

The group size, resources and time required for each activity are clearly indicated. Some activities may be fitted into a spare ten or twenty minutes; some may be planned as whole lessons or used in the pastoral tutor programme. Devoting a little time to teaching students how to learn has the potential to raise their attainment across the whole curriculum.

The fun activities will encourage participation from even the most reluctant learners. Clear descriptions of each skill involved are given for each activity so that teachers can dip into the book and choose the relevant lesson.

Authors Helen and Cassandra Sonnet are both experienced teachers. Helen is also an online tutor Middlesex University for the National Award for SEN Coordination.

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