Learning Skills KS3

Learning Skills KS3
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Product Description

Over 95 structured, practical and enjoyable classroom activities to develop independent learning skills. This practical resource is packed with creative activities that will help students to develop the important learning skills of:

• Awareness – Enables pupils to draw on the knowledge they have already

• Familiarity – Shows the ability to develop basic retention of taught material

• Insight – Moves beyond understanding, as students use their intuitive perception and prior knowledge to comprehend the true nature of what’s being taught

• Analysis – Develops the ability to examine material and separate it into different parts, while making judgements on the findings.

• Interpretation – students give personal views on the material, they can offer an alternative solution

• Evaluation – Students offer original ideas, original evaluation illustrates complete engagement and synthesis of the subject matter.

The fun activities will encourage participation from even the most reluctant learners. Clear descriptions of the skills involved are given for each activity so that teachers can dip into the book and choose the relevant lesson. Some activities can be completed in 10 or 20 minutes, some can be planned as whole lessons or used in pastoral tutor programmes. The group size, resources and time required are clearly indicated for each activity. Both authors are experienced teachers with a wealth of knowledge.

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