Emotions Puzzle Mat

Emotions Puzzle Mat
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Product Description

The Emotions puzzle mat is a nurture product to encourage the discussion of feelings and emotions whilst challenging children to connect the pieces by matching the colours and pictures to create a beautiful feelings inspired picture. Connect the pieces to help calm the mind and emotions, develop coordination and concentration skills and increase problem solving skills. Explore the colours and pictures to help express feelings and emotions such as; raindrops/blue = sadness, fire/red = anger, waves/green = calm, stars/yellow = hope, flowers/white = future and growth, heart = love and affection, butterflies in your tummy = worried and facial expressions to explore.Create the puzzle together then sit around the edges of the mat to discuss identifying, recognising and responding to feelings and emotions.Contains: 37 rubber-backed felt hexagon pieces that creates a 108cm puzzle mat.

Ideal for PSHE and nurture groups.

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