Positive Behaviour Kit

Positive Behaviour Kit
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Behaviour is a form of communication, so what is it telling us?

This comprehensive collection of visual and kinaesthetic resources will help children understand what is and is not appropriate behaviour, express themselves and make their own behaviour choices.

Wendy Usher’s teacher resource book Let’s Make More Smiles will help you understand, deal with and improve negative behaviour and reward positive behaviour. This accessible book uses case studies and the author’s own insight as a parent and a professional, and is jam-packed with practical ideas to help you help children improve their behaviour.


• Swing-O-Meter (with 6 mini whiteboards and whiteboard pen)

• Show Me Feelings cards (2 × identical sets of 12) 145 × 100 mm

• How do you feel today? communication lanyard

• 8 × Communications fans:

• Positive social rules

• Emotions and expressions

• Think fan (traffic lights)

• Positive praise

• It’s too… (sensory integration)

• I feel… (facial expressions)

• Emotion faces (colour-based)

• Behaviour symbol fan

• 6 × blank fans for personalisation

• 120 Positive Behaviour reward stickers in 15 designs, including 24 to personalise (to fit blank fans and create reward charts)

• Let’s Make More Smiles: Encouraging Positive Behaviour book

Detailed instructions come with each of the resources in the kit and all contents come in a fabric drawstring storage bag.


• Everything you need in one complete kit!

• Resources use Widgit symbols, making them accessible to users of all ages and abilities

• Useful for children with communication or learning difficulties, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia

• Can be used in games, social stories and circle time as well as everyday activities and learning

GBP69.99 ex VAT
In stock

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