Receptive Language Difficulties

Receptive Language Difficulties
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Product Description

Children’s ability to understand and act upon spoken language is a crucial skill in terms of their development and education. However, children who struggle to process such information are often difficult to detect, which can harm their progress. This book has been written by Liz Baldwin, author of I Hear With My Little Ear, to help you address this difficult area. Based on her extensive experience as a speech and language therapist, the author provides sections in the book that explore:

• What is involved in understanding spoken language

• Difficulties encountered in understanding spoken language

• How to identify children with such difficulties

• The impact of receptive language impairment on behaviour

• How to develop effective listening skills

• How to develop strategies to help children’s understanding

• How to develop children’s language and literacy skills

It includes advice, guidance, strategies and activities for supporting children who struggle to understand spoken language, including a self-evaluation checklist to help you review your own practice.

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