Group Listener 6 Lightweigh Headphones PK

Group Listener 6 Lightweigh Headphones PK
£79.99 ex VAT

Product Description

This great value group listener allows small groups of children to listen to stories together without any distraction so it’s perfect for developing reading and listening skills. It features headphone ports for up to 6 sets of headphones (not suppled), so you don’t need any messy headphone splitters. The Group listener has built in top loading CD player and FM radio but also includes a USB socket, so you can play MP3 files directly from a memory stick. The Group Listener is a welcome addition to either the classroom, for group work, or larger spaces with the two 1W RMS speakers.

Features include:

• Top Loading CD Player with (CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3) playback

• USB port for MP3 playback onl

• Built-in FM radio

• LCD display

• 6 Headphone ports

• 1 Line in port

• Output 2 x 1W RMS

• 6 Lightweight headphones

• Size L 280mm x W 220mm x H 142mm

£79.99 ex VAT

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