Sensory Suitcase

Sensory Suitcase
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Product Description

Create a sensory environment in your classroom or home with the Sensory Suitcase. The simple button options on the multi-sensory unit give the user individual control over the sensations they receive by allowing them to alter the environment to suit their taste or mood. The vibrant light changing column has 15 stimulating and relaxing modes to choose from including; bubble mode - which is a maintenance free alternative to a water filled bubble tube, vertical rainbow mode, lollipop mode and sound-responsive mode. The glowing fibre optics strands deliver a visually stimulating and tactile experience to the child, allowing them to get up close to the light and feel the strands. Children can also select sounds and vibration for truly multi-sensory experience and encourages the child to explore cause and effect, vocalisation and practice colour recognition. Sensory suitcase is equipped with:-

• LED light changing column. 15 different modes. 52cm (h) 14.5cm (d)

• 50 x 1 metre fibre optic strands

• Low level vibration for calming sensory input

• 10 sensory sounds

Additional products included in the suitcase are a dark den, handheld mirror and textured light balls.

Fully portable and powered from a single electrical outlet the sensory suitcase can be used in any space and is perfect for settings where space is at a premium or for mobile therapy providers or homes.

Suitable for children of all abilities, particularly those with sensory needs or neurological challenges.

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