Calming Sensory Room Package

Calming Sensory Room Package
£1,999.99 ex VAT
Direct Delivery – up to 4 weeks

Product Description

Designed to help users relax and unwind, the calming sensory room package creates a soothing environment. It incorporates:

A 2m tall Passive Bubble Tube, along with a wall bracket and water treatment fluid. The Bubble Tube will gently scroll through a range of colours to provide a calming effect.

A 900mm x 900mm x 300mm high cream padded plinth. The plinth sits around the base of the tube to provide a comfortable seating area, should the users like to get up close to the tube itself.

2 Acrylic mirrors which are for wall mounting behind the tube and plinth in the corner of the room are supplied, which provides an amazing heightening of the effect of the tube itself! The mirrors are shatterproof acrylic to ensure safety.

A LED Water Projector and Wall Bracket for fixing to the wall. The Water Projector scrolls through a spectrum of colours, and projects a moving, watery image onto the wall of your choice. For a great, watery themed area, project the Water Effect onto the Bubble Tube and Plinth.

Lastly, a 100 strand x 3m Fibre Optic Harness and cream beanbag is supplied with this package. Thread the harness through the hole in the centre of the beanbag to allow the users to sit and interact with the fibres as they gently scroll through a range of colours.

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