Plug And Play Sensory Package

Plug And Play Sensory Package
£1,699.99 ex VAT
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Product Description

Plug & Play Sensory Package:

No need for installation! The Plug and Play Package includes a range of sensory room products which simply plug into a standard electrical socket straight from their box – nice and easy to set up.

The package is great to get your sensory room started and includes:

A 2m Interactive Bubble Tube with water treatment fluid and wall bracket. The Bubble Tube is supplied with a cream soft padded wireless switch, which features four coloured switch pads. When the user presses each of the colours, this dictates the colour of the tube!

A 100 strand x 2m long UV Reactive Fibre Optic Harness and Light Source.

An L shaped UV Reactive Carpet to create a wonderful sensory corner around the Bubble Tube.

A UV Fitting to allow the UV reactive products to fluoresce when the light is activated.

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