AtoZ of Autism

AtoZ of Autism
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Product Description

A–Z of autism provides realistic insight and advice to empower those raising, supporting and caring for children with autism to deal with experiences that can be challenging and overwhelming but also extremely rewarding.

Written from first-hand experience by an author who is both a parent of a child with ASC and a primary SENCo, this book pinpoints areas where a child with ASC and/or their parents may struggle, covering many useful topics from diagnosis, schooling and puberty to siblings, sensory issues and diet. It provides friendly and practical information and approaches topics in alphabetical order, allowing parents and professionals to dip in and out to access information and support.

About the Author - Jim Carrington is an award-winning children’s author and the Inclusion Manager at a mainstream primary school in London. He has a child with ASC. Jim is also the author of the Otis the Robot series.

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