How to Support Pupils with Autism Spectrum Condition in Secondary School Book and CD

How to Support Pupils with Autism Spectrum Condition in Secondary School Book and CD
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This book is for SENCOs, teachers, teaching assistants (TAs), learning support assistants (LSAs) and senior managers. It is intended to be used as a reference throughout the time the student with ASC is in your school or class. It will help you understand the student’s condition and support their strengths and differences. From key skill support in each subject to social inclusion, mental health and puberty, every student with ASC will need a support plan that will be cohesive across their whole school experience. This will need someone, usually the SENCO, to make sure subject teachers know the essential information about the student, and who monitors their progress and is able to identify any issues early enough for them not to become crisis. The book discusses behaviour, sanctions, homework and testing so that each teacher can understand the value of consistency and have strategies that they can use to support the student with ASC.

Includes chapters on:

• What is Autism Spectrum Condition?

• Transition into secondary school

• Accessing classwork

• Advice for subject teachers

• Homework

• Social communication and interaction

• Tests and examinations

• Supporting behaviour

• Managing emotions

• Sensory regulation

• Bullying

• Sex and relationships

• Transition between Key Stages 3-4 and 4-5

The accompanying CD includes tried-and-tested photocopiable activities and resources to help guide practitioners’ work. Contains 113 A4 pages and a CD-ROM with printable resources.

GBP17.99 ex VAT
In stock

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