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Stabilo Handwriting Pen - Pack of 200

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Ergonomically designed rollerball pens for left and right handers learning to write. Easy, comfortable handling means neat and tidy handwriting. Relaxed hold whilst writing - prevents muscle fatigue. Grip zone made from non-slip material. Does not blot or scratch. Includes 200 cartridges of washable/erasable blue ink. Refillable cartridges available seperately. Supplied in a Gratnells tray ideal for easy storage in the classroom. Pack of 30 right handed and 6 left handed blue barrel pens.

Curriculum Link:

Word level essentials for the new curriculum

• Choosing the writing implement that is best suited for the task (Y5-6)

• Use dictionaries to check the spelling and meaning of words (Y5-6)

• Use a thesaurus (Y5-6)

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