Raccoon Rumpus

Raccoon Rumpus
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Product Description

A game of costumes, creatures, memory and matching! An imaginative and fun game of costumes, creatures, memory and matching!

• Children match colours and attributes to select clothing for their raccoons

• “Clothing” and “Colour” disc dictate which clothing cards children should select

• The first player to win five cards wins

• If the underwear symbol is rolled then the player must put back all their costumes

• Encourages colour recognition among young learners

• Items of clothing include: Lifeguard, Scientists, Football Player, Doctor, Knight, Princess, Vet, Rock Star, Ballerina, Fairy, Fireman, Chef, Astronaut, Artist, Fisherman, Martial Arts, Winter Clothing, Baseball and American Football

• Includes: four raccoon cards, 20 costume cards and two dice

• For 2-4 players

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