Touchtronic® Placeholder

Touchtronic® Placeholder
£7.99 ex VAT

Product Description

Combining the world of physical and digital learning, Touchtronic® will revolutionise your classroom! Learn spelling, reading, writing and maths skills using the ever-popular iPad and unique touchtronic resources. Touchtronic® items are physical manipulatives that interact with the iPad. Simply place Touchtronic® letters or numbers on the surface of the iPad to complete activities. Touchtronic® provides a complete multi-sensory experience as they combing auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. All supporting apps FREE from the iTunes store. iPad not included.

Children can layout their Touchtronic® Letters and Numbers around the arc of the new Touchtronic® Placeholder, teaching the correct sequence for learning the alphabet and counting.The Touchtronic® Placeholder has been designed for placing the Touchtronic® Numbers in order around an iPad. A rainbow arc is provided, with numbers shown in purple and equation symbols in orange. Made of thick card and laminated. Covers Touchtronic® Letters on the reverse side.

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