Aston Index

Aston Index
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Product Description

A classroom test for screening and diagnosis of language difficulties.

The Aston Index consists of 17 sub-tests, the use of which, as its name implies, will indicate the nature of an individual childs learning potential for literacy. The sub-test scores yield a 'profile' from which a teacher can perceive the levels of 'readiness' for learning; and which sub-skills and abilities will need special help in teaching.

The sub-tests themselves were selected after many years of observation and research, as representing key aspects of literacy:

• Visual and auditory perception

• Symbolic sequencing

• Directional motor fluency

• Association of picture and symbol with lexical meaning

• General maturational readiness

The Aston Index can be used to indicate the particular learning pattern of the child and identify specific types of learning patterns

• Specific written language difficulties (Dyslexia)

• Slow learners

• Culturally deprived children

• Neurologically damaged children

• Language disordered children

• Specific auditory difficulties

• Specific visual difficulties

• Specific graphic difficulties

Comprises of; 17 page handbook, spiral bound test card book (contains 17 tests), additional support material, resource CD, flash cards and 30 scoresheets.

Age suitability: 5 to 14 years

Additional Aston index scoresheets available: ADMT01129

GBP72.99 ex VAT
In stock