ACE Pocket Dictionary Pack of 5 Pack of five

ACE Pocket Dictionary Pack of 5 Pack of five
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Product Description

Buy 5 Ace Spelling Pocket Dictionaries and save

The Advanced ACE Spelling Dictionary is a companion volume to the ACE Spelling Dictionary. It retains all the assets of the standard dictionary, along with some added extras.

The Advanced ACE is smaller and more transportable, easy to carry from lesson to lesson, making for a more compact reference guide. The coverage of the dictionary has been extended so that it goes right up to degree level, with the addition of a further 3000 words. We’ve also highlighted up to 4000 high-frequency words to cut down on the time spent looking for them.

The Advanced ACE Spelling Dictionary has a unique index based on the principles of the ACE Spelling Dictionary. The user need only think how a word sounds in order to find out how to spell it. Once the first vowel sound has been identified, the user will be directed to the page where they will find the word they are looking for. As with the ACE Spelling Dictionary, patterns and irregularities are highlighted, and clear guidance on the use of the dictionary are included. Each copy contains 512 pages (114 x 162mm).

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