Kaos World Chronicles Book 14: The Broken - Standard

Kaos World Chronicles Book 14: The Broken - Standard
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The Doctor’s compound has been over-run just like The Settlement. Can Travis and Spanna escape through the tunnel and get to the mysterious compound of the Broken before the Creechurs?

And what do Travis and Spanna have to do with the Doctor’s strange prophecy?

This is the 14th reader in the Kaos World Chronicles – a comprehensive literacy scheme aimed at KS3-4 students. It is structured around a series of high-interest, low-reading age stories designed specifically to appeal to older students who are struggling with reading, including those with SEMH issues. Stories develop in complexity and should be read in sequence.

The page-turning stories are set in a future post-apocalyptic world where law, order and life as we know it have broken down. The stories feature two main characters, Travis and Spanna, and are illustrated throughout with atmospheric and gritty illustrations. Each reading book is A5 with 24 pages and black and white illustrations throughout.

The reading books are supported by Teacher’s Books with photocopiable worksheets which offer small, achievable steps in word, sentence and text activities. There are also monitor sheets and objective sheets which provide targets and record progress, and certificates to motivate and reward students.

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