Hank Zipzer: A Tale of Two Tails

Hank Zipzer: A Tale of Two Tails
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Product Description

Twelve-year-old Henry “Hank” Zipzer is a smart and resourceful boy with a unique perspective on the world. Hank has dyslexia, and when problems arise, he deals with them in a way no one else would – putting him on a direct collision course with his teachers and parents, who don’t seem to appreciate his latest scheme as much as he thought they would... But Hank always remains positive and convinced that the next big plan will deliver – after all, tomorrow is another day! In A Tale of Two Tails, Hank and his sister Emily have both entered their pets into the school-mascot competition. Let battle commence!

Inspired by the true life experiences of Henry Winkler, who suffered from dyslexia, this winning series about ‘The World's Greatest Underachiever’ is funny, touching and deals with learning differences in a gentle and humorous manner.

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