Bumper Phonics Intervention Kit

Bumper Phonics Intervention Kit
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Product Description

A bumper pack of resources to support your phonics teaching, with board games, magnetic word activities, wall friezes and activity books to use across reception and Key Stage 1. Ideal for use in whole-class session as well as by TAs in catch-up and intervention groups. Games, magnetic letters and work books help to support lesson planning and the wall friezes reinforce the key skills throughout the day.


4 x Activity Books (Phase 2 to 5)

4 x Magnetic Word Activities (Phase 2 to 5)

1 x High Frequency Word Flip Book

4 x Synthetic Phonics Board Games (Phase 2 to 5)

1 x Magnetic Cursive Letters pack

3 x Wall Friezes (Phase 2, 3 & 5)

Reasons to Love:

• This is an amazing whole school intervention kit covering phonics from Phase 2 to Phase 4

• There are a variety of resources which can be used with intervention groups, and because all phases are in one box, it is easy to target the learners needs without having to find resources which might be scattered around different classrooms

• Decodeable reading books have been included to support the development of phonics in context

• Activity books support learning at each stage

• The games provide a fun way of learning and assessing phonic knowledge, while allowing the children to practise skills they have learnt previously

GBP299.99 ex VAT

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