Bumper Phonics Intervention Kit

Bumper Phonics Intervention Kit
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Product Description

This kit is bursting with resources to introduce and reinforce phonic skills. There are 21 different board games, covering phases 2-5. There are 3 large wall friezes for easy front of class learning. We have also included 4 activity books covering each phase as well as activity books for magnetic words also covering phases 2-5.

There is a Scholastic Phonics Screening Check which includes various test that will help to prepare your class for the Year 2 SATS. We also include the Magic Belt Series of Phonics Books. Each of the 12 books in the series covers various sounds through an exciting tale.

Included in this kit:

Phase 2/3 Activity Book

Phase 4 Activity Book

Phase 5 Activity Books 1 and 2

Magnetic Word Activities Phase 2

Magnetic Word Activities Phase 3

Magnetic Word Activities Phase 4

Magnetic Word Activities Phase 5

High Frequency Word Flip Book

Phonics Board Games Phase 2

Phonics Board Games Phase 3

Phonics Board Games Phase 4

Phonics Board Games Phase 5

Magnetic Cursive Letters

Phase 2 Wall Frieze

Phase 3 Wall Frieze

Phase 5 Wall Frieze

Scholastic Phonics Screening Check

Magic Belt Series Phonics Books (12 Books)

GBP299.99 ex VAT

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