Beat Dyslexia Pack of 5

Beat Dyslexia Pack of 5
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Special Offer Pack

Includes all Beat Dyslexia Book Packs 1-5

The step-by-step multi-sensory literacy programme for all dyslexic pupils has just got better! We have published new editions of books 1-5 with fresh designs and new illustrations. Each book includes a colour card pack and an audio CD. Full of variety and using imaginative approaches, each stage in the Beat Dyslexia series is structured so that all the goals are small and attainable. Pupils gain confidence through success as they develop a sound understanding of basic spelling and grammar. Books 1-3 cover all the letters of the alphabet, and on completion of the third book pupils will have mastered consonant digraphs and consonant clusters. Books 4-5 are geared to the needs of slightly older pupils and introduce long vowels. Each book contains between 50 and 80 photocopiable worksheets, teacher’s notes, photocopiable reference sheets and card packs.

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