Alphabet Learning Locks

Alphabet Learning Locks
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Product Description

Develop letter recognition and fine motor skills with these engaging learning locks. Children match lower case letter on the key to the correct upper case letter or image on the lock to make a successful math, opening up the lock for instant reinforcement. Ideal for learning play or supervised small group work. Includes 26 80mm locks and 26 keys.

Reasons to Love

• Large size is suitable for small hands.

• Locks feature both pictures and letters.

• Self-correcting activity.

• Encourage phonemic awareness and fine motor skills.

Learning Outcomes:

Y1 Handwriting

• Begin to form lower-case letters in the correct direction, starting and finishing in the right place

• Form capital letters

Y1 Writing – vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

• Begin to punctuate sentences using a capital letter and a full stop

• Use a capital letter for names of people, places, the days of the week, and the personal pronoun ‘I’

Letters and Sounds Phase 3, 4 & 5

• Add to the sentence a capital letter and a full stop.

Letters and Sounds Phase 4 & 5

• Ask about or point out the initial capital letter.

GBP49.99 ex VAT
In stock

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