Target Ladders Dyscalculia

Target Ladders Dyscalculia
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Product Description

Characteristic features of dyscalculia are difficulties in the learning and understanding of number and number facts. Children experiencing these difficulties invariably become anxious when faced with any activity that involves arithmetic or calculations and will actively try to avoid them and can affect a child’s ability to access school curriculum and their ability to learn.

Using Target Ladders: Dyscalculia will enable teachers, teaching assistants and SENCOs to identify appropriate learning goals for independent learning, to adapt the suggested strategies or ideas for their own pupils, and to begin to impact on the child’s individual needs in order to close the gap between these children and their peers.

Target Ladders: Dyscalculia provides ‘small steps’ targets and helpful strategies based on eight key aspects of challenge to help and support children with dyscalculia:

o Aspect 1: Foundation skills

o Aspect 2: The number system

o Aspect 3: Addition and subtraction

o Aspect 4: Multiplication and division

o Aspect 5: Shape and measure

o Aspect 6: Money and problem solving

o Aspect 7: Data handling

o Aspect 8: Behaviours for learning

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