Number Smart Maths Kit Red EA

Number Smart Maths Kit Red EA
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Product Description

Having secured a foundation in number, counting and calculation, progress pupils on to: counting, positioning and ordering numbers to 100; place value in two-digit numbers; adding and subtracting to 20; and introduce doubling, halving, fractions, multiplication and division (totals within 20) in fun non-threatening ways.


• Maths Vocabulary Frieze

• Magnetic Number Links to 20

• Lots of Wheels

• Place Value Puzzles

• Lots of Socks

• Number Streets to 100

• Double-Half City

• Counting On Buses

• Finding Fractions

• Decodable Word Problems to 20

• Partitioning Banks

• Guess my Number Sentence (+/-) flipbook

• Number Mountains to 10 and to 20

• Addition and Subtraction Smart Balls

• 6 Whiteboards

• Gratnells Tray

• Red Phase Teaching Ideas Manual

£189.99 ex VAT

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