Maths Box Years 1-6 - Pack 6 P 6

Maths Box Years 1-6 - Pack 6 P 6
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Product Description

The Maths Box series is a set of six boxes of cards, one for each of the year groups 1 - 6.

They have been written to support the teaching and learning of the new Mathematics National Curriculum for England, and there is at least one card for each programme of study objective.

The cards are grouped by curriculum strands and sub-strands, in the same order as they appear in the National Curriculum document.

Separate answer cards allow pupils to work independently, at their own pace, whilst keeping a record for their own and teacher reference.

Each box contains:

• 75 high-interest, brightly-coloured cards (2 of each card, 150 cards in total)

• 75 colourful answer cards

• 1 comprehensive, photocopiable

The Maths Box series has a comprehensive, photocopiableTeachers Guide to accompany each box, one per year group.

Each Teachers Guide contains:

• a scope and sequence chart, detailing the curriculum objective(s) covered by each card

• information on how to use and organise the box in the classroom

• an explanation of the different parts of the activity and answer cards

• answer recording sheets for pupils

• tracking and recording sheets for pupils and teachers, to aid assessment

• a list of materials and equipment needed for each card

• full-colour posters to aid teaching of card content and strategies, and/or display

• photocopiable activity sheets to support, practise and extend the card activities

• a full-colour copy of each answer card

• a comprehensive glossary

£899.99 ex VAT

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