Lady Bugs Counting Kit

Lady Bugs Counting Kit
£29.99 ex VAT

Product Description

Develop early mathematical skills with these attractive Ladybug stones and photographic activity cards. These durable, tactile resources can be used to explore counting to 20, subitising, odd and even numbers and addition and subtraction. Why not allow the children to discover the ladybugs outdoors then add the activity cards to extend the learning opportunity further? They will inspire much talk as children explore early number through matching, counting, ordering, odd and even numbers, and number bonds/pairs. Activities include counting forwards and backwards on leaf number lines and around the petals of a flower. Each kit includes a set of 22 Ladybugs (2 each of 0-10) and a set of 16 colourful plastic activity cards measuring 275 x 210mm. Each Ladybug measures 50mm.

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