Paper Chains Special Offer

Paper Chains Special Offer
GBP26.98 ex VAT

Product Description

Special Offer pack contains the following:

Paper Chains Tables 1 (AFMT00867)

Paper Chains Tables 2 (AFMT00868)

How to play

• Within each pack there are 12 games using eight cards each.

• Take one set of eight cards from the pack (the game number is shown at the top and bottom of the card).

• Lay out all eight cards in front of you in any order, with the coloured pictures (including the arrow) facing up.

• First, turn over the card with the arrow and read the clue word.

• Find the card with the picture to match the clue word, turn it over and lay it on top of the first card.

• Repeat with each card until all the cards are in one pile and the last card turned over shows a .

• The  appears at the end of the game to show you have answered correctly.

GBP26.98 ex VAT

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