HOO HA! Times Table - 2 5 10

HOO HA! Times Table - 2 5 10
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Product Description

HOO HA! times tables card game is a game that even children who dislike the idea of learning their multiplication tables are motivated and captivated by. HOO HA! is an easy to play and genuinely educational visual memory matching/pairs card game that uses four learning styles (visual, verbal, aural and kinaesthetic) in one game to aid recall, improve concentration and develop spatial awareness. One of the problems faced by children learning multiplication is maths anxiety. Because there is no pressure to instantly recall, this really helps them engage and before they know it they are muttering all the answers. The lack of pressure and multi-sensory nature of the game means that it can be easily played by children who are dyslexic. and featured as part of the Daily Telegraph's Make Britain Count numeracy campaign. Suitable for one-to-one, group and class sessions. Your pupils will love playing this brilliantly simple and effective game.

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