Active Maths pick-up and Play

Active Maths pick-up and Play
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Product Description

An exciting all-in-1 resource compiled to enhance every child’s learning whilst encouraging active play. Store all items in the tub - simply pick it up to take outside, or use indoors time and time again. Enough resources to keep the whole class busy! Contents:

• 14 soft sums - soft cut foam throwing discs with the numbers 0-9 as well as the 4 operations

• Pack of bean balls - set of 6 × 70mm seam free bean balls numbered 1-6 in various colours

• 6 coloured dice - ideal for outdoor games

• 6 Fun Gripper™ beanbags – 100mm square beanbags numbered 1-6 with a special ‘grippy‘ material, ideal for catching games

• 5 stopwatches - ideal for reinforcement of learning the concept of time, as well as competitive activities

• Number Toss game - printed vinyl mat and 4 coloured beanbags

• 6 dry-wipe boards - for recording scores and sums!

• 12 dry-wipe pens

• Plastic storage tub

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