Sounds Fun!

Sounds Fun!
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Spoken language breaks down in to sentences, phrases, words and individual sounds (phonemes), and phonics is the building block on which all spoken and written language is based.

This book is all about sounds in words. Written mainly for parents and carers, it's a fun, useful way of helping children to develop their skills with phonics. By doing this, parents will be supporting their child in developing speech sounds, their spoken and written language, and their spelling.

The games are presented in three sections according to where they might be played. Within each section there are syllable games, games for individual sounds within words and rhyming games. The syllable games will be much easier than the other sets of games, so it is best to start with some of these. All games require very little if any equipment - just keen eyes and everyday items!

All the games can be played with one child and one adult. They can equally be expanded to include brothers and sisters, friends, grandparents etc.

Words are all around us... so go out there and have some fun with phonics!

Size: 246 x 168mm portrait. 112 pages.

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