How to Garden and Grow with Children with SEND

How to Garden and Grow with Children with SEND
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Product Description

This practical and inspiring book is full of information, suggestions, games and activities to give you the confidence to garden with children with SEND.

Covering everything from gardening basics and design considerations to a year-round programme of gardening and garden-related activities, this invaluable book demonstrates the educational and therapeutic benefits of spending time in the garden for children with SEND and how to make it possible for all children to do so.

By linking tasks to the specific needs of children and to the curriculum How to garden and grow is suitable for both the novice and the experienced school gardener. It contains a wealth of tried-and-tested activities, including:

• information on garden design, advice on appropriate tools and basic gardening techniques

• a year-round programme of indoor and outdoor gardening and garden-related activities and suggestions for developing schemes of work

• information on recording and assessing progress

• a list of suggested plants for sensory and wildlife gardens.

This Book come with accompanying CD.

About the author

Becky Pinniger is a former primary school teacher and has worked extensively with secondary school students with autism. She is now a freelance horticultural therapist and trainer with Thrive and has led several training courses on gardening with children with SEN. She has seen the positive effects on self-esteem, confidence, physical and mental health and learning outcomes that gardening can bring.

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