Target & Touch Music Window CD-ROM Single User

Target & Touch Music Window CD-ROM Single User
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Product Description

Touch screen training activities with a cast of twenty musicians, from classical to fantasy, with a great selection of music. It offers lots of opportunities for language development and listening skills. Bright characters on a dark background really stand out, making this program ideal for people with visual and perceptual difficulties. The program introduces some additional touch activities, making it a good progression from Target and Touch: Patterns, including an introduction to dragging.

Touch anywhere to see who is playing this time.

Touch It and Find It includes a wrapped up instrument - guess what it is before opening the bag to hear it play.

Silhouette of the musicians - guess who it is and open the curtains to see if you are right.

Peeping musicians – catch them to get a performance.

Scattered musicians need a series of presses before giving a reward.

Objects in a Line helps to encourage left to right tracking.

Touch to Jump and Drag to Target – the musician will not play until they are under the spotlight.

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