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About us

LDA is the leading brand for those who support children and young people with additional learning needs.

Our 45 years of experience in supplying and developing products to suit all conditions and levels within both primary and secondary mainstream schools, makes us the go-to place for all SEN resources.

We put the child and the SENCo at the
heart of what we do. That is why all our
own-developed products are written by high profile professionals with years of experience within SEN. These experts include Lois Addy, Alison Schroeder, Celia Stone and many others.

We are always looking to develop resources or amend current resources to help each and every child develop further and learn to deal with their condition so any feedback or comments you have are extremely valuable to us.


Why not visit our Experts Corner?

Our experts come from a variety of professional backgrounds including current SENCOs, University Education Department Professors and Condition Specific Practitioners, who have dedicated their careers to helping children with SEN reach their full potential.

Click here, to find out who they are and what resources they believe can really enhance a child's learning path.